By the way…

At Dolce Uvita, the Aperitif can be enjoyed in three ways: Wine, Beer or Cocktail.

  • Amongst the wines, of course, “bubbles” are a must.
  • The beers: in addition to the classic national, WTB craft and imported beers.
  • The Italian traditional aperitifs from the 70s:
    • Negroni
    • Negroni Sbagliato
    • American
    • MI-TO
    • Dry Martini
    • Spritz

The Aperitivo in Italy is the best way to start an evening, to make new friends or to spend time with friends and colleagues.

Every evening is the right one!

It works like this

  • Come to Dolce Uvita
  • Go to the bar
  • Orders yours drinks
  • Pay (first drink = 15 $ per person)
  • Take what you ordered
  • Choose where to sit
  • Go to the buffet
  • Get what you want, how many times you want

If you‘d like more drinks, list price apply fter the first one.