“His house was perfect,
whether you liked food or sleep or story-telling or singing (or reading),
or just sitting and thinking best,
or a pleasant mixture of them all.”

Club42 is born with the idea of ​​offering this experience to those who decide to make use of the services offered by Dolce Uvita.

Access is through registration and the issue of a non-transferable personal card.

Why a Club?

Dolce Uvita is born as “Small Resort” and offers its guests a series of quality services.

So we decided to make these services available to those who want to use them without having to reside in our structure.

A Club is an easy way to allow everyone access to any service and event..

Why register?

Makes you part of a community.

Allows you to be updated about Dolce Uvita offers and events.

Allows you to actively participate in initiatives with proposals and suggestions.

Why a card?

Guarantees access to a safe and secure place.

Offers many advantages and opportunities, thanks to the many deals available.

Guarantees the safety of those who attend Dolce Uvita‘s premises.

Because becoming a member means being part of a project that, through culture, human and civil promotion and solidarity, contributes to creating countless opportunities to live the community and to experience active citizenship.
The card is a transparent way to support this project and encourage the birth of new experiences.