Imagine a place where people always smile.

A place big enough to include the most spectacular nature the tropic can offer but fairly small to be able to travel in one day from one ocean to the other.

A country with streams, rivers, waterfalls, impenetrable virgin villages and protected national parks where you can stroll in peace.

Then add active volcanoes, high peaks like the Alps and sunny but never desolate lands.

Wet, dry, cloudy, mountainous forests, with more animals, flowers and plants than you can imagine.

Think of the sound of the wind, the birdsong, the gurgling water.

And then look at yourself in a hammock stretched between two palms by the sea while listening to reggae and calipso in the slow Caribbean pace. Or while losing yourself on the long shorelines of the Pacific.

And when you feel sporty you can choose between surfing or rafting, biking or paragliding, horseriding or trekking.

Now open your eyes, you are in Costa Rica.


(Bepi Costantino)