Local tour guides may accompany visitors to discover the local farm (finca), revealing a way of life unknown to most.

Often, fincas have become places to spend time immersed in nature, discovering crops and products, often consumed within the farms themselves.

Finca Ibis

Close to Uvita, in Bahia, there is Finca Ibis owned by Don Guelo.

In the Finca there are cultivations of banano, maduro, pejibaje (from which you get palmito), rice, beans and more.

All that is produced gets consumed internally and the surplus is sold to the local shops.

A walk in the finca allows you to come across many species of plants and to learn lots of things about cultivation methods and crops.

At the end of the tour you can taste typical dishes of the local tradition (at km 0) prepared by the hostess.

The walk in the finca allows you to see many species of plants and to learn many things about both cultivation methods and crops.

La Rana Roja

Close to Platanillo, on the road that leads from Dominical to Perez Zeledon, there is the finca La Rana Roja.

Here you can spend the whole day alternating activities in the fields and walks in the nature with a bath in the waterfall or the creek that crosses the property.

At lunch, among the various choices, you can taste tilapia, a freshwater fish farmed inside the finca itself.